There are some books that you instantly fall in love with the first time you read them. For me, one of those books was “Little Blog on the Prairie” by Cathleen Davitt Bell.

Every summer, my family goes down to Nova Scotia to visit my Nanna. One of the things we always do when we come down is to borrow my Nanna’s library card and go to the Sydney library. My sister and I always get a few books, read them, and return them. There isn’t really anything special about it. But roughly 5 years ago, I got a book that would change my life forever-Little Blog on the Prairie.

The book is about a girl named Genevieve(Gen) Welsh. Instead of spending her summer like any other teenage girl, her mom decides that her entire family is going to Camp Frontier, where you get to experience life as a pioneer family in the 1890s. Modern conveniences like technology, makeup, and 21st century clothing aren’t allowed , but Gen manages to sneak in her cell phone. To keep herself entertained, she sends daily texts to her friends about her life at camp. Then, her friends put the texts onto a blog, and it goes viral, resulting in consequences for Gen.

I loved everything about this book- the Little House on the Prairie vibe, the sense of community at Camp Frontier, and of course, the boy drama. In my opinion, this book definitely deserves 5 stars.

After reading it the first year, it became a tradition for me to read it every time we were in Nova Scotia. Seeing how much I enjoyed this book, my sister decided to get it for me for my birthday. My dad ordered it from Amazon, and several months later we found out that they had lost my book. This time, he tried ordering it from Indigo. He was almost prepared to try and buy it off of the library, but thankfully the book had arrived when we came back from this year’s trip.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a bit of history, combined with modern-day teenage adventures. It’s my favourite book of all time, and I think that it would make a great movie adaptation.

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  1. This is an excellent post, Leah. I am glad that you like Little Blog on the Prairie so much. Seeing it always reminds me of being back home in Cape Breton. To be honest, I would not have guessed that this was your favourite book of all time……even more so that Percy Jackson or Harry Potter? Wow! That must be some book. 😀📚


  2. Hi Leah –

    This is Cathleen. I wrote Little Blog on the Prairie and I’m so glad to see this post! You describe the story very well. Through the years I’ve met kids who have read it over and over — I love hearing about that. I’m eager to keep checking back on your blog and see what else you’re reading and reviewing.

    Best regards, Cathleen

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  3. Well after such a great blog about your favourite book and now a comment by the author I have to read it this book! Looking forward to it!!


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