Recently, I wrote a post about an author named Eric Walters. He’s been one of the most influential authors in my life, and I am a huge fan of his books. But this got me thinking. If his books are impacting my life now, whose books used to impact my life? And whose books will impact my life in the future? I may not have the answer to the second question just yet, but I do for the first- Robert Munsch.

When I was younger, I had bins full of picture books in the living room. One had Franklin books, another had Clifford books, etc. But one of the fullest bins by far was the Robert Munsch bin. I loved his energetic storytelling, and the silly situations his characters got into made my 5-year old self laugh and laugh. Thus, I amassed quite a collection of his books.I’m told that one of my early favourites was “Up, Up, Down”, which was about a girl who loved to climb things. Meanwhile, today I remember “Too Much Stuff”, “Smelly Socks”, and “Get Me Another One” as being the ones I’d read over and over again. Another thing I like about him is where he gets his material from. Majority of his books are based on a child he’s met. For example, “Too Much Stuff” is based on a girl named Temina who brought a bunch of dolls onto the flight Robert was on.

And of course, I can’t write this post without mentioning the classic “Love You Forever”. This was a book that my parents would often read to me, although I didn’t read it myself that much. Reading it now, though, it’s hard to get through without crying. It showcases a mother’s love for her child, despite anything that the child might do.

I still have that bin of Robert Munsch books, although I don’t often read them. Instead, my mom brings them to her school for a new generation of kids to read and enjoy. Even through I’ve grown out of my Robert Munsch phase, I’m still experiencing the effects that his books have left. For example, a few years ago my class was doing “Reading Buddies” with the kindergartens. I’d brought “Get Me Another One” , which is about a girl going fishing with her father, as an option for my buddy. She absolutely loved it. After I’d read it the first time, she asked me to read it to her again. And again. By the time the period was over, I must have read it to her 6 or 7 times, but she still enjoyed it like it was brand -new. Even now, I smile thinking about it. Based on that experience, as well as my own experiences with reading his books, I have no doubt whose books I’ll be reading to my children in the future.

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  1. I really appreciated this post Leah. When my kids were small, they too had a bin of his books. Though at that time, he had just started to write and the only books were “Love you Forever”, “Mortimer” “Johnathan Cleaned up and then he heard a Sound”, and “The Paper Bag Princess”. The collection grew through the years. Imagine our joy when he appeared at the C.N.E, family day performing his books. I took them down to see him and they sat mesmerized for an hour by his antics. It changed the way I read his books to small children. Thanks for reminding me of some nice memories. Your writing is incredibly good. I hope you are considering writing a book of your own.


    1. Thanks! I am considering writing a book, but I’m not quite sure what it would be about just yet. But since Gordon Korman wrote his first book at 14, I’d like to try and beat that.


  2. I ax working as a Resource Teacher in the early 80’s and attended a daycare conference. The guest speaker was Robert Munch and he read the A’s of yet unpublished I love you forever . As you can suspect there wasn’t a dry eye on the place . I went on to sing those words to my daughter Cuyler every night before bed for many years ❤️❤️❤️


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