It’s one of the most famous tales of all time. A ship is on its maiden voyage, carrying everyone from millionaires to immigrants. But a collision with an iceberg dooms the ship, and about 2/3 of the passengers and crew perish due to a lack of lifeboats. By now, some of you may have guessed that I am referring to the story of the RMS Titanic.

The Titanic was one of my historical passions growing up, and by passion, I mean passion. I’m currently the Ontario correspondent of TSAC (The Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada), I’ve sat in a replica deck chair, and I’ve even visited the Halifax cemeteries where the unclaimed bodies from the sinking were buried.

(Me and my Dad at Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax, looking at the Titanic graves.

Because of that, I’d like to think that I know a good deal about the subject. For example, did you know that between the 700 third-class passengers(which had the least expensive accommodations), there were only two bathtubs?

Today, I’ll be sharing with you some really great books that I have discovered about the Titanic.

882 & 1/2 Amazing Answers To Your Questions About The Titanic by Hugh Brewster and Laurie Coulter:

As the title suggests, this book answers questions about the Titanic, including ones you wouldn’t have thought to ask yourself. What did children do for fun on the Titanic? & how did the ship get its name? Are just a few of the 882 & 1/2 questions covered in this book. I liked this book because it gave me a lot of new information about the Titanic, like what happened to its sister ships, the Olympic and the Britannic. The book’s format was pretty cool, too. Instead of just pages of text, it gets broken down into smaller chunks, and they are each displayed a little differently from each other .

I Am Canada: Deadly Voyage by Hugh Brewster and Dear Canada: That Fatal Night by Sarah Ellis:

These next two books are also presented in an interesting format. Both are told from the perspective of Canadian teenagers, in the form of a journal or diary entry. These books are pretty cool because they do more than just talk about the voyage and the sinking. The main characters also share their hopes, dreams, and private thoughts in a way that we don’t usually read about. Besides the sinking of the Titanic, the two series’ that the books belong to- Dear Canada and I Am Canada- cover lots of other events in Canadian history. Dear Canada(inspired by American counterpart Dear America), is told from a girl’s point of view, and covers topics like the Polio Epidemic, the Halifax Explosion, and Residential Schools. I Am Canada(inspired by American counterpart My Name Is America), is told from a boy’s point of view, and includes books about the Invasion of Dieppe, the Franklin Expedition, and the Building of the Railway. These books make you feel like you are right in the moment with the character, and they are enjoyable to read.

The Titanic Trilogy by Gordon Korman:

A good series about the Titanic is this trilogy by Gordon Korman. It focuses around four teens- Paddy, Alfie, Juliana, and Sophie. Paddy is a stowaway who’s just witnessed his friend’s murder; Alfie is a steward who’s lied about his age; Juliana, the daughter of an earl, is accompanying her father on a business trip; Sophie is keeping an eye on her suffragist mother. However, their lives soon become interconnected as they race to discover the identity of a murderer before he finds his next victim. And after the collision, the characters really show their true colours as they try to save themselves, their families, and the other passengers. These are some of my favourite books by Gordon Korman. I loved the drama, and how the characters interacted with each other in different situations. I also enjoyed the funny parts, because I had not expected that there would have been any.

As I write this, the Titanic is slowly decaying in the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, scientists believe that it might be gone by 2030! But we will never stop being fascinated by the story. By talking and reading about it, by watching the movies and musicals, by remembering the people who died on that cold April night, we’ll be keeping their memory alive.

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