It’s Freakin’ Snowing

I love the first snow of the season. The white flakes drifting silently to the ground, landing in your hair and soaking your shoes. It’s the calm majesty of winter that comes before the storms of December- onward. But apparently not everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

I can’t believe it’s freakin’ snowing!” “I hate the snow!” “You guys are Canadian, aren’t you used to the snow?” “I’m cold and wet- this sucks.

Those are just a few of the statements I hear as I take my lunchtime lap around the school. I see their point. I’m cold and wet, too, and end up cutting my walk short to warm up inside. But frankly, I just wish that they could find a way to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. The first snow only comes once a year! These flakes are harmless; they don’t even stick to the ground. It literally looks like the world’s turned into a snow globe, and you’re grumbling about it? Well, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. They’ll be the ones missing out on something magical.

Spending the day in a room with small, high windows, I had no idea this was happening until lunch. What a sweet surprise! Hopefully I’ll have a little more time to enjoy it before the snow turns to rain this afternoon. Whatever happens, October 27th, 2020, will be a day I won’t soon forget.

Making sure I’m alone, I take a celebratory snow-covered selfie. Even if I’m the only one who greets this occasion with a smile, I’m still going to make the most out of it.

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  1. It was amazing! All the kids in my class squealed with joy. We weren’t really expecting it so we were a little cold during our 40 minute recess. A small girl came to me most upset that her hand were cold and she had no mittens. I told her to put her hands in her pockets and bring mittens tomorrow. Satisfied with that suggestion, she smiled and ran off. #winterishere


    1. Probably won’t be the last time that happens! I found that I was a little cold that day, too, so I’ve been wearing gloves to school myself ever since. I guess it’s time to start preparing for the new season!


    1. Well, as a 5th-and-6th- generation Canadian, a love for snow is practically in my blood! And besides, when it rains, the world just gets wet. But when it snows… everything around us is transformed into a wonderland, full of beauty and surprises. For me at least, it’s hard not to fall in love with snow!


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